[BeyondCC Daily Update] - 27 September 2019

The Number of Cryptocurrency Wallets Is Growing Exponentially

Wallets are a necessity for cryptocurrency users and their creation is a strong indication of how fast the popularity of decentralized digital money grows. The number of crypto wallets and their users has been increasing rapidly since the creation of Bitcoin. Spikes usually coincide with rising cryptocurrency prices during bullish periods, but it’s worth noting that the general trend has always been positive, and has become exponential in the past few years.

SEC Commissioner Speaks Positively About Digital Assets Despite Recent Enforcement Flurry

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regularly draws the ire of crypto proponents who are frustrated at its failure to support innovation and entrepreneurship. Despite this, some have warmed to the agency’s opinionated commissioner Hester Peirce, who has adopted the moniker of “Crypto Mom.” At a compliance conference this week, Peirce spoke positively about crypto assets, expressing the belief that they could one day become “the money of the internet.”

Decentralized Finance Projects Are Starting to Ship

Defi, defi, defi. You can’t go anywhere in crypto these days without having that contraction thrown at you. 2017 was all about the ICO, 2018 was about surviving the bear market, and early 2019 was a toss-up between IEO and STO. Now, as we prepare to enter Q4 of 2019, it’s all about decentralized finance. Peer past the hype and you’ll find some genuinely useful products are being built that promise to accelerate greater financial inclusion in the form of a crypto-powered alternative to the traditional monetary system.

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