Conventional investments bring conventional returns. Broaden your horizons and look BEYOND

We are a team of brokers with specialised knowledge of cryptocurrencies. BeyondCC was set up to offer an easy to use interface for new and existing investors in Cryptocurrencies. Currently, our team process over 600 trades a day, allowing us to offer the most competitive rates in the UK. 

Who are we?

BeyondCC was set up by Mark and Danny - both have been OTC brokers since 2015 but felt the UK market was always too complicated for users to buy and sell their cryptocurrencies. 

[About Danny]

Before discovering BTC and Blockchain technology I was working with commodity traders in the City of London - I received my first Bitcoin payment in 2015 and have been hooked ever since! 

I have been brokering Bitcoin across LocalBitcoins (, Bitbargain and Bittylicous since 2015.  

[About Mark] 

Since my first encounter with Blockchain technology, the industry has grown incredibly and I believe this is only the beginning. 

I currently broker via LocalBitcoins ( and Bittylicious. 

What makes us different?

  • Europe's biggest brokerage specialising in cryptocurrencies
  • Over 250,000 trades
  • Experienced in cryptocurrency trading since 2015
  • Over £150 million worth of transactions for our customers
  • Advanced digital platform for simple, effortless buying and selling of Bitcoin  
  • Online access 24/7
  • Invest as little as you wish, or up to and beyond £100,000
  • Stable UK-based company with real bricks and mortar premises
  • A long-term approach to investing and client relationships

Buy Bitcoin 1 BTC = £28905.78

Sell Bitcoin 1 BTC = £27630.53

Buy Ethereum 1 ETH = £

Sell Ethereum 1 ETH = £

Buy Litecoin 1 LTC = £

Sell Litecoin 1 LTC = £

Buy Ripple 1 XRP = £

Sell Ripple 1 XRP = £

Buy Bitcoin Cash 1 BCH = £

Sell Bitcoin Cash 1 BCH = £

Buy EOS 1 EOS = £

Sell EOS 1 EOS = £